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     "The ABC Center for Performing Arts is an amazing dance studio! There are a variety of classes that allow each person to find their outlet to express themselves.  Miss Amy and all the teachers treat each student as an individual, fostering their unique talents.  Most importantly, the students are instilled with a great passion for dance and a belief that they can do anything through hard work and dedication.  However, it is much more than that.  It is a place where students grow as individuals, develop a strong self-confidence and learn to appreciate giving back to the community.  ABC Center for Performing Arts is a place where your child will find their role models, make lasting memories and become part of an everlasting dance family!"


- Sheli Hasselbarth



     "We wanted a place where our daughter not only could learn about dance, but have a friendly, supportive environment to learn.  We did not know if she would continue with dance as she got older and wanted a positive experience for her.  Well we are in our 14th year and we are so glad it's been at ABC!!  Our daughter, Madisynn, has grown not only as an amazing dancer, but a young lady who cares about her community, and shows true character qualities in her every day life.  The opportunities to give back to her community, take instruction from professional dancers from LA to NYC, dance on stages that are a once in a lifetime possibility all are from the heart of her dance instructor, Miss Amy.  ABC is her second family and a place SHE chooses to be at the majority of her time - dance is her love and passion."


    "Miss Amy truly provides a full dance education from terminology, step by step instruction evolving into the love of beautifully choreographed dance pieces.  She cares about her students.  She reviews the capabilities of each student each year and places them in classes where they will do well and enjoy the art of dance, but be challenged and grow.  And if you want to discuss placement, opportunities of advancement and future plans, she will provide the time so that the student and parent both understand and she can let you know what is available from her studio."


     "This is just a piece of why we have been here for 14 years and I wouldn't have changed one moment...Always Building Character...ABC it's the place to be!!"


- Connie Cutting


     "ABC Center for Performing Arts has only brought positives to my life.  I met some of the girls through their hard work & dedication they commit to Tri-Town Relay for Life.  They show they have huge hearts and a sense of responsibility to give back and make a difference.  Their fundraising for Relay for Life brought me to my first ZUMBA class.  I walked in the room reluctantly, feeling nervous, unsure and self conscious, but any worry was quickly erased by the teacher's warm welcome and encouraging word.  They always take the time to make sure any newcomers know they can adjust the steps to make them comfortable for them.  These ladies make ZUMBA class a fun, stress relieving, energetic workout that I look forward to going to, despite all of the sweating!  This class has improved my health, strength, confidence and overall self image.  This is a true testament to this dance studio and the people behind all of the work."


- Maryann Mika